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Album Review: On Water
Amy Lauren
Cover image of the album On Water by Amy Lauren
On Water
Amy Lauren
2013 / A. L. Productions
55 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
On Water is the sixth solo piano release from Amy Lauren, and it’s a beauty! The thirteen original tracks carry the themes of water and nature, conveying peace and tranquility via Lauren’s elegant touch and flowing compositional style. A classically-trained pianist who chose her own compositional path, her collections of original lullabies, winter music, and other themes have soothed listeners of all ages from around the world. Lauren has also received numerous awards for her exceptional music - including consistent “Picks” on my own website. Lauren’s music is wonderfully expressive, reaching into the depths of her soul to find the truths of her life experience. Her music is always accessible yet complex enough to reveal new layers no matter how often you listen to it. As much as I’ve loved all of Amy Lauren’s previous albums, On Water is my favorite. The music flows effortlessly and would make a lovely backdrop for quiet activities, but do your ears a favor and savor each note.

On Water begins with “Cedar Rush,” a sweetly simple piece that sets the tone of the album. Sometimes gently flowing and sometimes sparkling brightly, it’s a great opener. “Gales of Indigo” is quite a bit darker and more dramatic - one of my favorites. “The Vineyard” is another favorite with its warm and graceful stories told in several sections where each expresses something different. “North Shore” picks up some momentum, conveying serenity as well as turbulence. For me, “The Field Dancer” describes a meadow ballet with grasses and wildflowers moving gently in the breeze - love it! The title track conveys the peaceful quiet of a still pond or lake - a profound calm and breathtaking beauty. “Takoda” translates to “friend of everyone,” and this piece exudes a warmth and contentment that comes from an unburdened heart - in this case, the heart of a puppy. This is my favorite piece from this collection. “Carry This Soul” is a poignant and heartfelt prayer that brings this gorgeous album to a rich and satisfying close.

Although it’s still early in 2013, On Water could easily be on my Favorites List for the year - solo piano at its best! It is available from amylaurenpiano.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!
March 20, 2013
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