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Album Review: Dreamland (single)
Angelo Nicola Giuliano
Cover image of the album Dreamland (single) by Angelo Nicola Giuliano
Dreamland (single)
Angelo Nicola Giuliano
2022 / Angelo Nicola Giuliano
4 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"Dreamland" is a beautiful solo piano single by Angelo Nicola Giuliano, an Italian pianist/composer/educator whose music is intended to create an emotional response in listeners. Quoting Angelo: "It is a very special piece, intimate and romantic melody. Dedicated to our land of dreams, where there are no wars and suffering, but only serenity and peace." Who couldn't use some more of that these days? The piano is lightly felted (a soft cloth is placed between the hammers and strings of the piano), softening the percussive effect of the hammers hitting the strings and allowing some of the sounds of the piano action to become part of the music. The melody of the piece is simple and heartfelt, expressing a reflective, dreamy mood that is easy to slip into while listening. The gently rolling broken chords on the left hand create a calming and soothing effect that suits the melody perfectly!

"Dreamland" is available to stream or download on Amazon and Apple Music/iTunes and is also on many streaming sites including Spotify. Highly recommended!
June 28, 2022
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