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Album Review: Revolution's Son
Cover image of the album Revolution's Son by Audiocracy
Revolution's Son
2008 / The Lost Records
46 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Revolution's Son is the debut album of Audiocracy, an international neo-progressive rock band founded by pianist/composer/dramatist/poet/photographer/illustrator Tobin Mueller. (Let me say upfront that this is about as far from new age piano as you can get.) The band members change often, with Tobin Mueller and his oldest son, Twon (Anton), as the only constants. From Audiocracy’s webpage: "Revolution's Son is a concept album that follows the life of a revolutionary who comes to The City to be a catalyst for change and a prophet of truth. He falls into an Underground that urges a less innocent approach to change, leading to the execution of many and a post-apocalyptic finish. The lyrics are an impressionistic journey of a young man trying to find his way through expectation, arrogance, betrayal, disillusionment and, finally, re-birth.” The band members on Revolution's Son are: Tobin Mueller (lyrics and music, organ, synths, drums, bass), Twon (lead vocals, 5-string bass, guitar), Bob Piper (guitars), Darren Chapman (guitars), Rob Thurman (drums), and Tadashi Togawa (guitars). The music is layered and complex, as the artists recorded their own parts from studios in various locations around the world, making this a truly collaborative project.

Each of the seven songs is its own short story or chapter, bound together by the common thread of the story as a whole. The music includes a variety of influences that include fusion, jazz, and classical, and incorporates elements of musical theatre, all under the broad banner of the ever-evolving genre of progressive rock. The heavy organ and guitar sounds interwoven with the layered vocals gives this CD a very big sound, and the eight page liner notes booklet gives a full listing of the poetic and meaningful lyrics. The artwork by Hovakimian Anoushavan on the cover and in the liner notes is also fascinating - a great package!

Revolution's Son is available from tobinmueller.com, cdbaby.com, and iTunes. Recommended to fans of progressive rock with a message.
April 21, 2008
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