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Album Review: Your Last Smile
Behdad Bahrami
Cover image of the album Your Last Smile by Behdad Bahrami
Your Last Smile
Behdad Bahrami
2011 / Behdad Bahrami
37 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Your Last Smile is the debut album from Iranian composer/pianist Behdad Bahrami, and what an incredible debut it is! The twelve original piano solos are tinged with melancholy and blend classical, new age, and pop elements into a soulful, meaningful listening experience that gives a glimpse into the soul of a very passionate and poetic young man. It is also a reminder of what a powerful and universal language music is and that although we might not understand each other’s words, speaking from the heart with music will always be understood.

Your Last Smile begins with “The Light On the Balcony,” a piece that conveys warm contentment with an easy grace and gentle touch. “Secret Whispers” is gorgeous. A bit more classical in style, the haunting and slowly flowing melody creates a pensive, dreamy mood. “Voice of the Rain” is one of my favorites. It occurs to me that if Chopin were alive today, he might compose something like this. I also really love “Cold Steps,” a dark, very introspective piece that comes from deep within, expressing a profound sadness that takes your breath away. “Melody of Autumn” is much lighter and has a swirling energy. “Nobody Knows” is a lovely ballad that seems to be telling a story - perhaps a shared secret. “The Last Smile of You” conveys the feeling of tragic loss. Mournfully sad yet elegant and graceful, this is another favorite. “The Cafe at 25 O’Clock” is quite different from the other tracks, with jazz chords and playful keyboard runs that show another side of this gifted artist. “End of a Dream” ends the album with a light-hearted waltz that dances around the piano with its charming melody and then ends abruptly at just the right moment.

Behdad Bahrami is a really impressive new artist who just might be on the brink of an international music career. Your Last Smile is available for download from Amazon and iTunes. Highly recommended!
November 5, 2011
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