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Album Review: The Star of County Down (single)
Brad Jacobsen
Cover image of the album The Star of County Down (single) by Brad Jacobsen
The Star of County Down (single)
Brad Jacobsen
2023 / Brad Jacobsen Music
4 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"The Star of County Down" is the first of four solo piano singles to be released ahead of Brad Jacobsen's new album, Celtic Piano (release date October 20, 2023), and what a beautiful piece it is! A natural storyteller, Brad's music is always vivid and expressive, creating images in the minds of his listeners without needing any words to tell the stories. "The Star of County Down" is an Irish folk song from the later nineteenth century, and Brad's solo piano arrangement is passionate and lyrical, expressing the beautiful melody from the heart.

"The Star of County Down" is available from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes, and streaming sites including Spotify. Sheet music for the piece is available from Brad's website. I'm really excited about the whole album, so be on the lookout for more reviews!
August 25, 2023
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