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Album Review: Whisperings Solo Piano Volume 2
Whisperings Solo Piano Radio
Cover image of the album Whisperings Solo Piano Volume 2 by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio
Whisperings Solo Piano Volume 2
Whisperings Solo Piano Radio
2014 / Midnight Rain Productions
69 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Whisperings Solo Piano Volume 2 is the third compilation from the Whisperings Solo Piano Radio group of artists (the second was a Christmas album), and what an inspiring collection it is! Sixteen artists are represented and all of the music was recorded and mastered at Piano Haven by Joe Bongiorno, giving the album a much more consistent and even sound than that of most compilations. The ebb and flow of moods and styles is excellent despite the variety of artists - no small feat there. All of the artists are different from Volume 1 except for David Nevue (the founder of Whisperings) and Joe Bongiorno and they certainly deserve to be on all of the Whisperings albums for their amazing dedication and efforts to make Whisperings the success it is. I have watched Whisperings grow from a very small group of pianists to the current roster of 276 artists from around the world. David Nevue visualized and created a community of artists and a distinctive “brand” of music and what a joy it has been to see it succeed and continue to grow! The spirit of friendship and mutual support makes Whisperings much more than the sum of its parts.

Back to the music! There are no weak tracks on Whisperings Volume 2, and despite the title, some of the music is quite upbeat and even exuberant - and always a joy to listen to! Don’t get me wrong - there are several soft and soothing pieces, but there are also some lively ones. It’s an exceptional blend and the album is a shoo-in for my Favorite Albums of 2014 list. I’ll list the artists and their songs below.

Whisperings Solo Piano Volume 2 is available from Amazon, iTunes and many of the artists’ websites. Very highly and enthusiastically recommended!

Kendra Logozar - Skagit Valley
Doug Hammer - Travels
Renee Michele - Believe
Michael Logozar - The Fisherman’s Tale
Philip Wesley - Light and Shadow
Gary Girouard - Aurora’s Bed
Joe Bongiorno - Trance
David Nevue - Happily Ever After
Amy Janelle - A New Direction
Jeff Smith - Wonder
Tim Glemser - The Widow’s Waltz
Rhonda Mackert - Night Song
Chad Lawson - I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud
Tim Neumark - The Dream of You
Brad Jacobsen - What the Moon Saw
Michael Dulin - Follow the River
December 30, 2014
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