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Album Review: Solo Journey
Bradley Joseph
Cover image of the album Solo Journey by Bradley Joseph
Solo Journey
Bradley Joseph
1999 / Robbins Island Music
39 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Solo Journey is Bradley Joseph’s third release, and is a beautiful musical excursion. For the most part, the music is quiet and soothing, inviting the listener to kick back and relax for awhile. It is also really nice music for driving. The only thing that bothers me a little bit about this CD is that most of the piano parts sound electronic. As good as the electronic pianos have gotten, they lack the warmth and richness of a great acoustic grand. (Ah yes, the piano teacher is at it again!) It is easy to see why Yanni enthusiastically hired Bradley to be his touring keyboardist (1990-95) based on a tape of his own compositions. My favorite track on Solo Journey is “The Long, Last Mile”, which starts out with a bittersweet melody, and then builds in intensity and complexity with cello, winds, and ethereal sounds intertwining around the piano. Then it breaks off, and the opening melody returns. This is a really great piece! I also really like “Winter Moon” with its simple, straightforward melody and gentle rhythm. “The Poetry Room” is almost minimalist in its simplicity - also very beautiful.”The First Snow” is a lovely vignette that gently describes the quiet but dazzling splendor of the first snow of the season. Joseph makes effective use of arpeggiated chords in the upper registers to depict the light dancing in sparkles. “Love Remains” is a sweet and cozy piece to close the album with - a musical hug! Solo Journey is a great album for relaxing and for slowing the pace a bit. It is available from the major online music outlets as well as from bradleyjoseph.com.
October 10, 1999
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