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Album Review: As Years Go By
Brenda Warren
Cover image of the album As Years Go By by Brenda Warren
As Years Go By
Brenda Warren
2003 / BabyKorn Music
44 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
As Years Go By is an intensely moving exploration of the depths of the soul. Deeply emotional and introspective, one senses the healing process of fully expressing oneself is taking place as we listen, healing our own wounds as we go. It has been ten years since Brenda Warren’s previous solo piano recording, which was acclaimed worldwide. She has been writing songs with lyrics in the meantime, but felt it was time to come back to her roots in solo piano. Lucky us! Eight of the eleven tracks are solo works, and three are accompanied with strings or synth. The improvisational elements in the music give it a sense of freedom to develop and explore.

“Blue Island” is one of the more upbeat tracks, and opens the CD with a swirling and sparkling feeling. I had the pleasure of seeing Brenda Warren perform some of the tracks from this album live, and “Remembering You” is so emotional that it still deeply effects her every time she plays it. The mournful cello and violin accompaniment adds even more depth to the feeling of loss and remembrance. This is an amazing piece. “Sitting On A Star” is a bit lighter in mood. Dreamy and gentle, one can feel the peace of sitting on a star, watching the wind, moon, and other stars. “Waterfall” reminds me a lot of Janie Horton’s fluid, melancholy music. Very improvisational in feeling, this piece is both peaceful and evocative. “Ancient One” is one of my favorites. Dark and mysterious, this is an ensemble work with piano and string quartet. It reminds me a little of the theme from “Requiem For a Dream,” with an unsettled mood and a lot of inner turmoil. I like this one a lot! “Moonlight” is another favorite. Dark, but very peaceful, it is both flowing and graceful. “Goodnight” follows “Moonlight” almost as a continuation of the mood. “In the Light Again” is another beauty, full of hope and moving forward.

Brenda Warren has produced a stunning collection of piano solo and ensemble works with As Years Go By. It is available from amazon.com and cdbaby.com. Song samples are available at brendawarrenmusic.com.
August 1, 2004
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