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Album Review: Save the World
Cadence Spalding
Cover image of the album Save the World by Cadence Spalding
Save the World
Cadence Spalding
2009 / Sound Manipulations and JSA Music
CD: 49 minutes
DVD: 52 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Save the World is the debut solo CD by Cadence Spalding. The wife of multi-instrumentalist and producer Mars Lasar, Spalding has appeared on several of Lasar’s previous recordings. Lasar co-produced, recorded, and plays this CD as well. What is most impressive about Save the World is the soothing effect of the choir of 10,000 voices, all of which are layers of Cadence’s voice. Cadence composed the music and three pieces were co-written with Lasar. She also plays the piano and violin with Lasar adding more piano, bass, and keyboards. The themes of the album are the power of love, peace, and the need to care for Earth and the voiceless creatures that need our protection. Cadence’s sincerity is palpable as is her deep emotional connection to the music and its message. Comparisons to Enya and 2002 are inevitable, but Cadence definitely has her own voice and vision.

The two-disc set includes a DVD of all of music paired with breathtaking double micro digital photographs by Mars Lasar of flowers, seascapes, the CA wine country, animals, children, and landscapes. The music is very effective alone, but the pairing with the photography provides a powerful sensory experience.

The first of the eleven tracks is “Trust In Love,” a simple melody that carries a message of love on a global as well as a personal level. The ethereal vocals have minimal accompaniment, but the sound is rich and lush. The title track is more instrumental (including Cadence’s voice), with the words “Save the World” repeated throughout. “Grandma’s Song” celebrates family love and a special bond between a young girl and her grandmother - a favorite! “I Do,” “Here To Love You,” and “My Man” are love songs, pure and simple, made heavenly by layers of voices, piano, and keyboards. I also really like “Share Your Life,” which also appears in a remixed version. The words tell us to open our lives and hearts to others to begin the global healing process and to make a difference in the world - beautiful in every way. “Hosanna” just sort of floats on the air, creating a mood of peaceful contentment. “Kyrie Eleison” (Greek for “Lord have mercy”) is a mother’s gentle, loving prayer for her young son. It seems to trail off at the end, but then returns after a period of silence, complete with bagpipes, to act as a grand finale of sorts.

Save the World is a very impressive debut, and Cadence Spalding assures us that another CD is on the way soon - something to look forward to! The CD and DVD are available separately from most online music outlets and together from cadencespalding.com. Recommended!
February 21, 2009
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Cover image of the album Save the World by Cadence Spalding
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