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Single Review: Reflections
Carol Comune
Cover image of the album Reflections by Carol Comune
Carol Comune
2015 / Carol Comune/ Elegant Entertainment & Co.
Review by Kathy Parsons
Reflections,” a single, is the newest solo piano release from Carol Comune, a highly-trained pianist, composer, teacher and Steinway artist from Pennsylvania. Comune calls her publishing company Elegant Entertainment & Co. with good reason. Her touch is effortless and masterful, gracefully defying categorization. Her original compositions soften the lines between classical, pop, and ragtime, creating a distinctive style of her own. On “Reflections,” Ms. Comune reminds me quite a bit of Michael Dulin - truly a pianist’s pianist whose flawless technique allows him to do anything he wants to do at the piano. Comune started playing the piano at three, so it sounds as though playing the piano is as natural and necessary to her as breathing. “Reflections” demonstrates this so well and is a beautiful piece that expresses a variety of emotions. It is available from CarolComune.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Recommended!

Ms. Comune has also released the sheet music for “Reflections,” a piece that I would call an early-advanced playing level. It is four pages long, with a bit more than half of the piece in the key of Bb (2 flats); it then goes into B major (5 sharps). The music is notated clearly although there are a few places where the notes are a little too close together, making the ledger lines hard to read. Those passages are in a repeated pattern, so it doesn’t take more than a time or two to memorize what the notes are without having to slow down to figure them out every time. A few chords have a reach of more than an octave, but only a few. It’s a lovely piece and very enjoyable to play. The sheet music is available from CarolComune.com. Also recommended!

September 5, 2016
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