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Album Review: Water to Land (single)
Chris Haugen and myndstream Summer Song Flight
Cover image of the album Water to Land (single) by Chris Haugen and myndstream Summer Song Flight
Water to Land (single)
Chris Haugen and myndstream Summer Song Flight
2021 / myndstream
3 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"Water to Land" is composer/multi-instrumentalist Chris Haugen's piece for the myndstream Summer Song Flight collection. The collection also includes one piece each by Carl Borden, Eamonn Karran, Michael Whalen, Michelle Qureshi, and Ryan Judd.

Chris Haugen is a staple in the San Francisco music scene, having performed and published music with Phil Lesh, Ken Kesey, and Sean Penn. He has also published 50 commissioned songs on the YouTube Audio Library and has released two solo albums on the Real Music (Falling Water, Shimmering Strings 2015) and myndstream (First Light 2020) labels. His music is heavily influenced by his 30+ year yoga practice and surfing in Northern CA. Chris plays a variety of guitars, keyboards and other instruments, and his probably best-known for his slide-guitar playing.

"Water to Land" is very peaceful and serene with acoustic and slide guitars as the lead instruments. There are also keyboard washes, a small bell, light percussion and bass. The quotation from Kahil Gibran suits the piece perfectly: "In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans."

"Water to Land" is available on its own or as part of the myndstream Summer Song Flight collection from myndstream, Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify and other sites. Both are excellent!
August 27, 2021
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