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Album Review: Piano Stories
Christine Brown
Cover image of the album Piano Stories by Christine Brown
Piano Stories
Christine Brown
2006 / Key Image Music
54 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Piano Stories is an elegant and graceful collection of twelve original piano solos by Christine Brown. Her fifth solo album to date, “Piano Stories” are personal recollections of some of life’s pleasurable and thoughtful moments. Five of the songs were originally from 15-year-old compilations that are no longer available. Since Christine still gets a lot of requests for them, she re-recorded these pieces for this CD. There is no indication in the liner notes which songs these are, so it’s kind of fun to try to guess which pieces are from her earlier composing years - it certainly isn’t obvious! I have thoroughly enjoyed Christine’s previous albums, and this one is also exceptionally nice. No bells or whistles - just lovingly played, flowing, beautiful solo compositions that soothe the soul and take the listener to a warm, contented place. Most of the pieces are at about the same tempo, making this a very easy album to have in the background, but it is also very pleasant with full listening attention.

“Coastal Breeze” sets the tone of the album with an easy ebb and flow on the piano and brief ocean sounds at the beginning and the end of the piece - so relaxing! “Never Too Late” is deeply introspective and reflective, seeming to ponder the past as well as the future in a most effective way musically. “Welcome Home” exudes a tender warmth and a slightly bittersweet mood - a musical hug of sorts. “Gone” has a sad feeling, but isn’t painful or mournful. The feeling is of reflection and going within - beautiful! “Summer Nights” is lazy and peaceful. “Secret Garden” is filled with wonder and a gentle grace - another beauty. “One Heart” closes the CD with a deeply-felt love song.

Piano Stories is a wonderful CD for relaxation and to create a peaceful musical setting. Some of Christine Brown’s music reminds me of Kevin Kern, so if you enjoy warm and gently optimistic piano solos, this is a great choice! It is available from www.christinebrownpiano.com and cdbaby.com.
May 15, 2006
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