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Album Review: Presents of Angels
Christopher Boscole
Cover image of the album Presents of Angels by Christopher Boscole
Presents of Angels
Christopher Boscole
2008 / Christopher Boscole
66 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Presents of Angels is the sixth solo piano release from Christopher Boscole, but it is the first of his music that I have heard. It was recently nominated as “Best Album of 2009” by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, so there is some great buzz being generated about this album. Also an avid sailor and nature photographer, Boscole’s music often has the rolling, flowing feeling of being on water and the sense of freedom that goes along with that. Boscole combines the new age, jazz, and classical genres to create a unique musical voice. A composer and performer for more than twenty years, Boscole’s music has that effortless flow that comes from spending many years at the piano.

Presents of Angels begins with “Once In Time,” one of my favorite tracks on the album. Accompanying a nostalgic and dreamy melody line, Boscole makes great use of the lower bass of the piano to create a sense of mystery as well as depth - an impressive beginning! “Country Hymn” comes next. Not really structured as a hymn, the simple honesty and humility of the piece make it suit its title. “The Coming Relevation” is also beautiful. (I wasn’t sure if the title was misspelled, so I looked it up, and “relevation” means a rising or lifting up.) A simple, peaceful melody is backed by a more active left hand that seems a bit turbulent. It’s a fascinating effect and a great piece! “Angel of Bliss” has a simple right-hand melody with a gently rolling left hand, creating a feeling of utter contentment. I was also curious about “Speebidah,” and discovered that it’s a town on the Washington State coast. The piece that bears its name is cozy and quaint, and you can again feel the gentle motion of being on the water. “Knights of Gold” is another favorite. Elegant and flowing, its sense of mystery is intriguing. “Purely Simple,” as its title implies, is uncomplicated and innocent, and is composed in a 3/4 waltz rhythm. The closing piece, “Once Another Time,” is a variation on and expansion of the first track, adding about 3 1/2 minutes.

Presents of Angels is a lovely introduction to Christopher Boscole’s music! Find it at cdbaby.com, amazon.com, and iTunes. Recommended!
June 22, 2009
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