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Album Review: Skipping On Daisies
Christopher Boscole
Cover image of the album Skipping On Daisies by Christopher Boscole
Skipping On Daisies
Christopher Boscole
2016 / Christopher Boscole
76 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Skipping On Daisies is the tenth album from pianist/composer Christopher Boscole. This album is solo piano except for a few places where Boscole hums - a part of his creative process. The music was recorded on a 9’ Steinway and digitally mastered by Joe Bongiorno at his Piano Haven Studio. Boscole is a very versatile artist with an extensive background in classical music and jazz as well as teaching and concert performances. There is an interesting variety of music and musical styles in the fourteen tracks on Skipping On Daisies, but what they have in common is a lightness and a sunny, optimistic attitude. Don’t misunderstand - this is not musical cotton-candy - there is plenty of substance as well as beauty and vibrance.

Skipping On Daisies begins with the title track, a beautiful bit of pianistic sunshine. I love daisies for their carefree innocence and this piece captures that quality perfectly. “Suite Wonder” has a gentle grace that suggests the wide-eyed wonder that comes with magical moments or being in inspiring places that leave you breathless. “Three Fairies” is a much bigger and more dynamic work. It would be fun to know the inspiration for it, but it’s easy to imagine any number of stories behind it. Sometimes light and fanciful, and sometimes darker and more dramatic, it’s a fascinating piece! “Toy Bells” sparkles and dances in the upper registers of the piano - pure joy set to music. “Variation on Chopin Nocturne” is a new take on one of my favorite pieces to play - Chopin’s most famous nocturne. While staying true to Chopin’s intentions for the piece, Boscole infuses this well-known masterpiece with his own artistry - a favorite! “Voyage of the Keys” takes us on a mini-adventure that is upbeat and smooth. “Prayer of Hope” is another favorite. In constant motion, it conveys a fervent message of hope and understanding. “Universe” is amazing. More abstract and ambient than the other pieces on the album, it beautifully expresses vast openness and constant motion. “Wonder Suite” is not the same piece as “Suite Wonder,” but has a similar feeling and lightness. The piano is the perfect instrument for describing rain, and Boscole’s “Raindrops in A Minor” is an excellent example. Sometimes a light shower with delicate raindrops dancing on water, and sometimes a heavier downpour, this another favorite. “Procession of the Angels” is so tender and graceful that it is almost fragile. “Celestial Sailing” is another more ambient piece that takes us on a cruise through the heavens, perfectly relaxed and at peace. Boscole sums up the message of this album with his closing piece, “Be Happy.” Warm, peaceful, and soothing, it’s a lovely close to an exceptional album.

Skipping On Daisies proves once again what an accomplished pianist and composer Christopher Boscole is. The album is available from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!
June 18, 2016
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