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Album Review: You Will Soar
Cory Reese
Cover image of the album You Will Soar by Cory Reese
You Will Soar
Cory Reese
2007 / Cory Reese
36 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
You Will Soar is Cory Reese’s sixth release to date. Comprised of ten original duets, Reese’s piano is beautifully enhanced by Steven Sharp Nelson’s cello as well as some subtle percussion by Ted Jensen. A self-taught pianist who decided to teach himself to play when he was eighteen, Reese has made some enormous musical strides since I first heard his music in 2002. Maturing and growing as a person as well as a musician has brought a real artistic depth to Reese’s music. I love the combination of cello and piano, and this album is a fine example of the expressive beauty the two instruments create together.

The CD begins with “After the Rain,” a piece that describes the feeling of seeing a breathtaking rainbow stretched across the peaks on the Na Pali coast of Hawaii moments after a rainstorm. The piano paints sparkling colors while the cello conveys a peaceful calm - a gorgeous beginning! “You Will Soar” is a piece for Reese’s three young children. Thinking of challenges they will face and dreams they will dream, the piece is full of a gentle yet powerful love as well as optimism for a bright future. “Light of Hope” has a simple, heartfelt melody, but is deeply passionate and reassuring. “Believe” contains the fire and fervor of a deep faith and presents beautiful performances from both Reese and Nelson. “Epic” goes much darker, describing how people are sometimes pushed to the brink but somehow pull through. The deep bass on the piano adds color and intensity, making this piece especially effective and expressive. “Open My Heart” is a love song to Reese’s wife, full of tenderness, joy, and a free spirit. Oddly, my favorite track is Reese’s “new age twist” on Beethoven’s “Fur Elise.” It’s a little odd that it’s my favorite because, as a longtime piano teacher, I’ve heard this piece twisted and turned in just about every way possible, but Reese still manages to bring something new and fresh to the piece. He uses a few measures from the main theme and jumps off from there - a really fun arrangement! “Little Star” is Reese’s musical expression of the feeling of holding a newborn for the first time. Light, innocent, and full of love, this is a very sweet and tender closing to Cory Reese’s best album to date.

You Will Soar is a very personal and evocative album. Great for active listening as well as background music. It’s available from coryreese.com, cdbaby.com, and iTunes. I think you’ll like it!
August 1, 2007
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