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Album Review: Reflections
Danny Wright
Cover image of the album Reflections by Danny Wright
Danny Wright
2013 / WH Sound Studio
Disc 1: 45 minutes
Disc 2: 44 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Although I think Danny Wright is an incredible arranger and interpreter of other composers’ music, I have always been partial to his original music and think his new double-CD, Reflections, clearly demonstrates why. Wright is well-known for writing music for fans’ special occasions, tributes to loved ones (his own and requests from others), and to help people of all ages in need, but, having recently achieved some long-term goals, he decided that this was a good time to reflect on his life and almost 30-year musical career and the people who have helped him along the way. This 90-minute set of seventeen original piano solos and one arrangement is a truly impressive collection of musical portraits and expressions of love and gratitude that comes from deep inside the heart of the artist often referred to as “The Healer of Hearts.” These stories are told simply but with a powerful emotional energy that is sincere and without flashy embellishment. The liner notes reveal the names of the people the music was composed in honor of, but only one person is identified by the “why” she is included. That person is Ann Nestler, whose Woodstock, VT-based gift shop was the first to play Wright’s music on cassette in 1985 and who continues to play only Danny’s music in her store. Her song is a wonderful arrangement of “Moonlight In Vermont.”

With this much music in one package, it is impossible to go through and comment about each piece - or even just the highlights. A collection this consistently good from start to finish presents many highlights, so I’ll just say that if you enjoy elegant, eloquent solo piano music that flows from the heart, you will find much to love about Reflections. Although we know Danny has chops to burn, these lovely musical outpourings are all the more beautiful because the “wow!!!” comes from his emotional expression rather than a flashy technique. All eighteen pieces are exceptional, making this my favorite Danny Wright album to date (and there have been about 40 releases so far!).

In the early stages of Grammy consideration in the New Age category, Reflections is sure to broaden Danny Wright’s audience and bring him a host of new fans. It is available from dannywrightpiano.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!!!
September 8, 2013
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