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Album Review: Soul 2 Soul
Danny Wright
Cover image of the album Soul 2 Soul by Danny Wright
Soul 2 Soul
Danny Wright
2011 / White Lyte Music
50 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Soul 2 Soul is Danny Wright’s thirty-fifth release and his first album of original compositions since his 2002 Real Music release, Do You Live, Do You Love. On all of Wright’s recordings, the piano is front and center, but this one is a rarity in that it is solo piano from start to finish. The inspiration for the music came from the people Wright has met through his music. Overflowing with love, faith, and hope the album is both soothing and uplifting. I have always been impressed by Danny Wright’s mastery of the piano and his expressive playing of other people’s music, but his own compositions reveal a different side of his musical personae that comes from a much deeper and more personal part of his heart - where his truest artistry resides.

10% of the proceeds from Soul 2 Soul will be donated to the Danny Wright Foundation of Music, a new (2011) organization whose mission statement is “Healing the planet one heart at a time.” The group is dedicated to the enrichment of the lives of children, seniors and adults with the understanding and appreciation in the Healing Power of Music. The foundation’s aim is to go into hospitals and provide instruments and instructors to sick children, to support music programs in area schools throughout Nevada, and to bring music to seniors in care homes and hospitals to brighten their lives. It is hoped that as their programs are instituted, the charity will grow and expand throughout the world.

Soul 2 Soul opens with “Adriannes Heart,” a tender and graceful piece that sets the tone of the album. The delicate innocence of the music makes me think this piece must have been composed for a beloved child - a wonderful way to begin. “To the Moon and Stars and Back” is a beautiful love song, pure and simple. “Sweet Jewels” is a favorite with its warm, embracing melody. “I Found You” goes into a minor key, making it darker and more intense - I really like this one, too! “Where There’s a Will There’s A Way” is a deeply poignant piece that conveys hope and optimism in the face of great difficulty. “Carole’s Odyssey” seems to tell a story as it weaves several themes into a lovely musical tapestry. “White Lyte” closes the album with a message of loving optimism and faith, leaving the listener with a warm hug and an understanding smile.

Soul 2 Soul is my favorite Danny Wright album to date. It is available from dw-foundation.org, Amazon, iTunes, and many other music retailers. If you like passionate, melodic piano, check this one out! I recommend it!
October 26, 2011
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