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Album Review: The Landing
David Clavijo
Cover image of the album The Landing by David Clavijo
The Landing
David Clavijo
2009 / Podenco Recordings
31 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
The Landing is a dynamic new recording by Spanish composer/musician David Clavijo. A fascinating combination of new age, chill, and world ethnic styles, Clavijo takes us on a vibrant, rhythmic musical journey that begins on the moon and travels to Africa and back with six lush electronic instrumental tracks. It’s not easy to create music that is both relaxing and energizing, but Clavijo succeeds well in both areas - often at the same time! At 26 years old, Clavijo is off to a very promising start!

The album begins with “Dancing on the Moon,” a sensual and mysterious piece that pulls you in as it spins its magic. A strong rhythm, strings, wordless vocals, keyboards, and atmospheric sounds create a mood that is warm and inviting. This piece segues into “Distant Love,” which reminds me a little of Fiona Joy Hawkins’ chill music, which I love. A sultry female voice enters from time to time to say, “I’ll give you pleasure.” Upbeat, sexy and fun! “Es Vedra” begins with the sound of the ocean and gives way to a big cinematic sound that feels tropical and lazy. I want me some! Guitars, keyboards, voices, and a pulsating beat make this piece an ode to joy as well as a tribute to a legendary rock island near Ibiza. “Nowhere” is the longest track at 7’13” and is also the most “new age” of the pieces. Piano, keyboards, guitar, and gentle percussion exude warm, melodic tones that soothe away any cares and woes. Nice! “Sailing In My Dreams” returns to a more dramatic mode that is dark and mysterious. “African Spirit” dances with delight to a bright, infectious rhythm and voices singing the happy melody.

David Clavijo is certainly a new artist to watch! The Landing is actually an EP and is priced much lower than most CDs and downloads, so check it out practically risk-free! It is available from Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes. Recommended!
December 15, 2009
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