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Album Review: Something You Dream Of...
Denise Young
Cover image of the album Something You Dream Of... by Denise Young
Something You Dream Of...
Denise Young
2007 / Dancing Horses Music
50 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Something You Dream Of... is pianist Denise Young’s second CD. Produced by Will Ackerman and recorded at his Imaginary Road Studios, Young composed seven new pieces for this project and reworked four from her previous release, Time Alone. The older pieces were rerecorded on a Steinway grand (rather than keyboards) and parts were composed for additional musicians. Something You Dream Of... has a lot of the same personnel as recent recordings by Karen Marie Garrett and Dana Cunningham, so if you like the sound of those albums, you’ll love this one, too. Eugene Friesen’s haunting cello, Jill Haley’s English horn, Steve Schuch’s violin, and Noah Wilding’s ethereal vocals enchant, but seem a bit too similar to the other two recent productions from Ackerman, inviting comparison. That said, this is a gorgeous album, and I love the music. Calming and uplifting, Young seeks to bring joy with her music. A music therapist and instructor as well as a pianist and songwriter, her playing is graceful and her music heartfelt. With Ackerman’s production skills and Corin Nelsen’s recording genius, the sound quality is warm and pristine. Only one track is solo piano from beginning to end, but this is definitely a piano album with brilliant accompanying artists.

The CD opens with “Time Alone,” a lovely flowing piece that is a piano solo for most of the first half and then becomes a haunting and introspective duet for piano and English horn. “Falling Leaves” also begins as a piano solo that evokes images of colorful leaves dancing in the wind. Steve Schuch’s violin enhances the swirling feeling of freedom. “Green Mountain Meadows” paints a picture of gentle contentment with wildflowers and long grasses swaying in the breeze. Ackerman’s guitar and T Bone Wolk’s bass add a folk song flavor. The title track is exceptional. Inspired by “The Benny Goodman Story” and Goodman’s passion for his music, it features David Weiss on clarinet. The emotions expressed really grab and hold you - a great piece! “Livia’s Song” is the only piano solo, and is a beautiful, graceful waltz. “You Were Always There” is my favorite. I love piano and cello, and Eugene Friesen is a master. This haunting piece could melt rocks and makes me say “wow!” every time I hear it. I also really like “Love Will Light Your Way,” a more upbeat and optimistic composition for piano, percussion, and bass. “West River” is a duet for piano and guitar that carries feelings of longing and of open space. “Autumn Colors” is the closing track. At almost 9 1/ 2 minutes, it takes its time to develop and evolve. Noah Wilding’s incredible voice accompanies the piano with floating, wordless vocals. The piano is Satie-like in its evocative simplicity, soothing the mind and creating dreamy images.

Something You Dream Of... is a wonderful listening experience and should put Denise Young high on the charts. Check it out at deniseyoung.com and cdbaby.com. Recommended!
June 20, 2007
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