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Album Review: Unleashed (single)
Diane Wheeler Dunn
Cover image of the album Unleashed (single) by Diane Wheeler Dunn
Unleashed (single)
Diane Wheeler Dunn
2022 / Diane Wheeler Dunn
7 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"Unleashed" is a hauntingly beautiful Native American style flute single from Diane Wheeler Dunn. Also a photographer and philosopher as well as an avid flower gardener, Diane combines her passions to create unique works that reflect her deep spirituality while bringing a peaceful kind of musical beauty to her listeners. In a recent blog, Diane explains:

"This song started out as unleashing a bit of jazziness after listening to Coltrane, and sometimes you just want to have some fun. However, I think there could be a more universal sense here. Unleashing our creative energies in a positive way will help balance the negative activities in our world. Unleashing our compassion for those who are suffering from the actions of those who are seeking power will bring us closer together. The Great Turning is shifting the paradigms of our cultures and has created and will create additional upheaval by those who cannot abide the changes. We can create positive energy too!
"We each have unique gifts to help create a more beautiful world!
Instrumentation on this piece includes Native American flutes, rhythmic and atmospheric keyboard sounds, and percussion (drums, rattles, etc.). At a bit over seven minutes, it is very easy to slip into a meditative state as the various elements in the music soothe and create a place of peaceful reflection. Some of the flute passages have a strong jazz influence and then slip back to a more traditional Native American style. It's a fascinating piece of music from an exceptional artist.

"Unleashed" is available as a download and/or to stream from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and sites like Spotify. Recommended!
March 9, 2022
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