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Album Review: Bring Me Home
Eamonn Karran
Cover image of the album Bring Me Home by Eamonn Karran
Bring Me Home
Eamonn Karran
2023 / Eamonn Karran
40 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Bring Me Home is the sixth full-length album (plus some singles) from Irish pianist/ composer/ producer Eamonn Karran, an artist I have been following since his debut on the Real Music label back in 2014. A self-taught pianist from the age of seven, Karran's previous albums featured him playing his original music on piano and keyboards, but also also included other artists and instruments that gave much of the music a distinctive Irish/Celtic feeling. This time out, all ten tracks on Bring Me Home are original piano solos, giving the music a much more intimate feeling that I really love. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of Karran's albums, but this one seems extra-special. It is also his first independent release.

Bring Me Home opens with "Little Dancer," poignantly expressing tenderness and grace. I assume that the music was inspired by a child and the dreamy mood conveys feelings of innocence - a very beautiful beginning! The gently-flowing "Path of Dreams" meanders effortlessly, as dreams often do. "Goodnight My Son" is a favorite, expressing a father's love with every note. The quiet rhythms and tender melody act as a sweet lullaby that promises to end even the most stressful day with a restful peace. "Creeslough" refers to a village in County Donegal in Northern Ireland where a gas explosion in October 2022 killed ten people and seriously injured another eight. The sadness expressed in the music suggests that the piece was likely composed to honor and remember the victims and is a deeply moving tribute. "Always With You" offers assurance and strength, and could be intended to comfort and soothe a frightened child - very tender and heartfelt. I assume that "One Man One Piano" is a tribute to the unique partnership between the composer and the 88-key instrument that allows him to express whatever is in his heart and soul without having to put those feelings into words - beautifully done! "Lady" seems to be a love song without words. Since the deep emotions that run throughout the piece are expressed so warmly and tenderly, words are completely unnecessary! The deep sadness that flows throughout "A Time For Living" also expresses hope, but the middle section of the piece seems to give in to a sense of mourning and loss before returning to a more hopeful outlook. The emotional honesty as well as the beauty of the music make this my favorite piece on the album. The title track is also extraordinarily heartfelt and deeply emotional, looking inward as it searches for answers and comfort (my interpretation!). Walking by the ocean has always been a way for me to put things back into perspective, so I can really relate to "By The Shore." The slow, easy ebb and flow of the piece reminds me of the peaceful rhythms of the ocean on a quiet day (or night!), and brings this excellent album to a serene close.

It's so good to have new music from Eamonn Karran! Fans of his previous albums will find much to enjoy with Bring Me Home, and I hope many new fans will also discover his music! The album is available to stream or download from Amazon and Apple Music/iTunes as well as from many streaming platforms. Highly recommended!
November 16, 2023
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