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Album Review: Always (single)
Edo Sanz
Cover image of the album Always (single) by Edo Sanz
Always (single)
Edo Sanz
2018 / Edo Sanz
6 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
“Always” is the first single released from pianist/composer Edo Sanz’s upcoming Live Piano Sessions album. Recorded live at Estudio 13 in Ciudad de Mexico, this classically-influenced piano solo overflows with passion and love. Born in Mexico City, Sanz has released six albums to date (Live Piano Sessions will be his seventh), one of which is his first solo piano album, Edo Sanz, released earlier this year. While “Always” is not overly technical or flashy, it is clear that Sanz is an accomplished pianist who composes and plays from his heart. If this single is a good indicator of the music that will be on the Live Piano Sessions album, I can’t wait to hear it! There is also a really nice video of the recording session for this piece that can be watched on YouTube (the link is below) or on www.EdoSanz.com. Recommended!
September 18, 2018
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