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Album Review: Haze On the Mountain (single)
Eric Chapelle
Cover image of the album Haze On the Mountain (single) by Eric Chapelle
Haze On the Mountain (single)
Eric Chapelle
2020 / Hamsa Music
3 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
“Haze On the Mountain” is a beautiful symphonic single from pianist/composer Eric Chapelle. More ambient than melodic, the piece perfectly captures the feeling of watching the slow, graceful movement of clouds or fog (or another kind of haze) floating across or around a mountain. The music could also be a reflection on walking or hiking through a mountain haze and then looking down at it in wonder from a distance above. The fully-orchestrated piece includes strings, horns, woodwinds and keyboard, and expresses the delicacy of the haze as well as the quiet majesty of the mountain. It’s a beautiful and very serene piece of music that should calm and brighten anyone’s day!

“Haze On the Mountain” is available from Apple Music/iTunes and Amazon. It can be streamed on Spotify and Pandora. A companion video is also available on YouTube.
December 11, 2020
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