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Album Review: Not Forgotten (single)
Eric Chapelle
Cover image of the album Not Forgotten (single) by Eric Chapelle
Not Forgotten (single)
Eric Chapelle
2020 / Hamsa Music
3 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
“Not Forgotten” is a beautiful solo piano single by Eric Chapelle. Eric explains how the piece came into being:

“Well, my routine has been the same since I got back from Ireland. I wake up, get some coffee and work in the studio.  I get distracted sometimes by just getting the latest news on the Internet.  I keep an eye on the pandemic, and then one day, the death toll reached 100,000  as a number in the USA.  That kind of struck me. I took a break and went to the Kawai piano. I sat at the piano looking at the keys not knowing what to do, but I thought about that milestone event and all those lives lost. 

“So, in a reflective state, I started to play something, and realized I was gravitating towards an A minor theme. I played it softly and suddenly a melody got a hold of me, or something used me to channel this simple progression, but the meter changed every four measures, as if to pause and contemplate a little longer. Then I noticed that this was the pattern I wanted throughout. Anyway, that's how this particular composition came about.”

Somewhat reminiscent of simple but powerful poignance of Erik Satie’s “3 Gymnopedies,” Eric Chapelle has created one of his most moving piano solos to date while contemplating the tragic loss of life from the current pandemic. There is a healing sadness in this emotional piece, something we all really need right now.

Eric Chapelle also created an outstanding video to go with “Not Forgotten.” A combination of his own photographs and photos courtesy of Pexels, many life situations are depicted from all over the world, some very recent. It adds an interesting element that the photos change with the rhythm of the music, which follows a pattern of three measures of three beats each, one with four, and then repeats that pattern. Check it out!

“Not Forgotten” is available from online retail and streaming sites including Amazon, iTunes/Apple Music, and Spotify.
June 25, 2020
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