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Album Review: The Language of Flowers
Eric Harry
Cover image of the album The Language of Flowers by Eric Harry
The Language of Flowers
Eric Harry
2009 / Calm Records
69 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
At first glance Eric Harry appears to be a newcomer to the music scene. With a mind blowing eight albums in the last two years, as well as being the founder of Calm Radio that is competing with the other internet radio stations, it appears that Harry is a very prolific artist. But what many of us may not know is that Eric has been creating music for commercials, television and even movies for over 25 years that have included his involvement with composers Jack Nitszche and Ry Cooder, famous for their contributions to the soundtracks for One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and Buena Vista Social Club respectively. But how does his writing translate when he begins to create a full album of structured music? If The Language Of Flowers is indicative of his other full length cd’s then clearly we are about to see a musician ready to fully bloom.

Harry’s early influences are classical artists such as Debussy, Listz and Chopin to name a few and The Language Of Flowers shows that influence ever so lightly while mixed with the ingredients of New Age and Ambient influences. The latter is heard instantaneously with the opening track “Aphelion” that spaciously wanders for over 5 minutes. In complete musical contrast there is the very classical and compelling “Requiem”, while “Rain Rain Rain” is the benefactor of the more optimistic mood of a light and delightful waltz. The light and non-intrusive orchestration only adds dimension to the song as does “The Scent Of Attraction” that has a gorgeous melody. There is simply no filler found on this album.

Despite, the multitude of recordings in such a short period of time, Eric’s efforts are not diminished as far as ideas, melodies, themes and arrangements are concerned as The Language Of Flowers is only one of many quality recordings that Harry has released. While the production is of good quality it would be nice to see Eric slow down and throw himself into a recording whose production and detail is equal in depth to the compositions that he so easily capable of creating. Nevertheless, The Language Of Flowers is one of 2009’s more impressive recordings.
March 20, 2010
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