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Album Review: Viandanze
Fabrizio Paterlini
Cover image of the album Viandanze by Fabrizio Paterlini
Fabrizio Paterlini
2009 / Fabrizio Paterlini Records
48 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Viandanze is a stunning solo piano release from Italian pianist/composer Fabrizio Paterlini. Soft-spoken yet very deep and passionate, this is music that travels instantly from the ears to the heart. Reflective and somewhat melancholy, the thirteen pieces create a quiet atmosphere for other activities, but are too beautiful to keep in the background. Peaceful and uncluttered, Paterlini gets his message across with a minimum number of notes and an abundance of soulful emotion. He describes his music as “a glass of red wine on a summer evening.” I might add rich, soothing, and relaxing. This is a truly exceptional album and a very likely candidate for my Favorites List for 2010.

Viandanze begins with “Profondo blu” (“Deep Blue”), a very quiet piece that conveys feelings of yearning and hope. The steady repetition of a single note on the left hand suggests a heartbeat or pulse while the gentle melody tells an uncomplicated story - a great start! “Nuovi orizzonti” (“New Horizons”) picks up the tempo a bit, giving the piece a gentle energy and a sense of moving forward. “Esoterica virtu” is very slow and dark, and reminds me a bit of Erik Satie (as do other pieces on the album). “Primi Passi” (“First Steps”) is one of my favorites. Paterlini is the father of a young son, and I interpret this piece as the joy of seeing one’s small child starting to get around on his own, tempered by questions of what the future holds - an amazing piece! The title track is very understated and almost mournful, conveying the feeling of an intimate (and perhaps painful) conversation with someone close - an emotional powerhouse! “Sottovoce” has a subdued yet sparkling quality that moves with the grace of a slow, evocative dance. “In cerchio” (“Circle”) is a waltz of sorts that expresses longing, deep reflection, and perhaps a touch of regret. It’s another beauty! “Veloma” (“Goodbye”) is also a favorite. Heartfelt sadness pours out of the music, touching the listener in a profound way. “Qui ed ora” (“Here and Now”) closes the album with a simple, gentle melody accompanied by accented notes in the deep bass of the piano, creating a mood of peaceful reflection.

Viandanze is an amazing album! The moods created with a minimal number of notes convey passions and emotions that would take volumes of words to express. Fabrizio Paterlini is an artist on a par with Ludovico Einaudi and David Lanz, and my hope is that the world is ready to embrace his music. Viandanze is available for download from fabriziopaterlini.com, Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes. Very highly recommended!
March 16, 2010
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