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Album Review: A Mind Like An Ocean
Frederic Delarue
Cover image of the album A Mind Like An Ocean by Frederic Delarue
A Mind Like An Ocean
Frederic Delarue
2007 / Frederic Delarue Productions
55 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
A Mind Like An Ocean is Frederic Delarue’s sixth album, and is quite possibly his best work to date. I’ve been a big fan of Delarue’s music since he debuted with Voyage of the Soul in 2002, so each new album has been a treat. Wanting to reach a broader audience with his music, this album is perhaps a bit more accessible from beginning to end than the others, but maintains Delarue’s warmth, sincerity, and positive outlook. Delarue is planning to put his music to light shows and other visual media, and it’s easy to imagine this being extraordinarily effective. A spiritualist and a healer, Delarue’s music is powerful yet very soothing and calming, inviting the listener to close his or her eyes and be enveloped by the sound.

There is an interesting story about the creation of this album. Delarue’s composing is usually directed by his Angels, and although he knew what this album was supposed to be about, he wasn’t getting anywhere with the music. Painter Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan contacted Delarue to purchase some of his CDs, and Delarue then visited her website (stardolphin.com) to see her artwork. He was blown away by the similarity of their approaches to creation and asked if she would design the cover for A Mind Like An Ocean. She agreed, but the music still wasn’t forthcoming. Delarue asked if he could purchase the original artwork, and when it arrived, he felt he could step into the painting. Almost immediately, the music started to flow, and with the painting placed in front of him at his keyboards, the music was created in three days.

The title track begins the album. Blending a percussive rhythm and an ethereal melody, Delarue suggests vast openness and as well as majestic but gentle beauty. “The Journey Begins...” is more ambient and floating, like a peaceful musical dream. “Believe” picks up the tempo a bit, setting a simple but beautiful melody to a catchy rhythm. “In the Breath of Life” is a lovely guitar and piano piece that exudes warmth and contentment. “Intuition” feels a bit more urgent, but not uncomfortable. I love “Celebration,” a lively dance with an infectious beat - joy set to music! I also really like “Prayer Dance,” with its sense of mystery and of moving forward. This one reminds me a bit of Yanni in the instrumentation and spirit - a compelling piece! “A New Life” has a cinematic, quiet power that suggests that this journey is coming to an end, bringing with it a new beginning. The closing track, “Gratitude,” includes the sounds of the ocean and dolphins. Peaceful and contented, it is a warm and serene closing.

Frederic Delarue’s music always carries a message of peace, but feels more musically substantial than many of the artists in the genre. Give yourself a treat and check out A Mind Like An Ocean! It is available from www.fredericdelarue.com, amazon.com, and cdbaby.com. Highly recommended!
December 11, 2007
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