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Album Review: Voyage of the Soul
Frederic Delarue
Cover image of the album Voyage of the Soul by Frederic Delarue
Voyage of the Soul
Frederic Delarue
2002 / Frederic Delarue Productions
62 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
I’m not sure which is more interesting - Frederic Delarue’s story or his first US release, Voyage of the Soul. The French-born composer was in a life-altering car accident at the age of eleven, where he encountered “angels and beings of light”, and he has channeled his musical talents for healing and spiritual growth ever since. Testimonials on his website tell of laying-on of hands in concerts and of summoning angels and beings of light to the stage as well as within the audience to bring about healing. Delarue has also established “Your Name in Music”, where he creates a piece of music based on the person’s name, connecting him or her to a higher self. This is pretty heady stuff, but the CD is full of ethereal, blissful music that will calm and soothe whether or not you are in search of your angels. Some of the music reminds me a little bit of 2002 and some of Yanni’s early work, but Delarue certainly has his own musical voice. One track, “Future of the Sea” was featured on Real Music’s compilation, “Cousteau’s Dream”.

Voyage of the Soul is a collection of twelve original pieces that “pay tribute to the forces of nature, celebrate the human spirit, and propel the listener on an otherworldly journey into cosmic realms”. The pieces range from ambient and ethereal to quite rhythmic and upbeat. The “voyage” begins with “Higher Voice”, a beautiful, floating piece with angelic voices behind an instrumental base that evokes the feeling of drifting out in space. “Dream Within a Dream” is a fascinating blend of instruments and musical styles. With a strong rhythmic track along with piano, flutes, and many other sounds, this piece seems to be propelled by the sheer love and joy of making music. Although the melody is poignant in sections, this piece is full of sunshine and smiles. “Future of the Sea” is another favorite. One of the more ambient pieces, it is melancholy but hopeful. The title track is an ambitious twelve minute piece that begins with a lovely piano solo and builds slowly, adding new voices, sounds, and drama. Also ambient and floating, it is very peaceful and soothing. “Reflection” has a bittersweet piano-based melody that I really love. “Promenade” is a surprise with its bagpipes and playful nature - a delightful diversion! “Agape” is truly “French” in spirit - again, light, upbeat, and completely charming. “Full Circle” closes the set with angel voices and the feeling of drifting in the clouds.

Frederic Delarue has created an excellent “Voyage” with this CD. The music is so heartfelt and sincere that you can’t help but be swept away by it. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this CD many times in several different settings, and recommend it very highly. It is available from www.fredericdelarue.com, amazon.com, and cd.baby.com.
January 1, 2002