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Album Review: Eyes of Your Heart
Frederic Delarue
Cover image of the album Eyes of Your Heart by Frederic Delarue
Eyes of Your Heart
Frederic Delarue
2009 / Frederic Delarue Productions
54 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Create A New Life Through The Eyes Of Your Heart is Frederic Delarue’s seventh solo release and is the companion CD to his new book by the same name. Having survived three near-death experiences over the past twenty-eight years, Delarue is able to communicate with the angels and “beings of light” that surround us. Through them, he is able to spontaneously create “The Music Of Your Soul” for individuals, groups, and companies, as well as for his own first book. Earlier this year, I attended one of Delarue’s concerts in a church where he created Music for the Soul of the Group, an unforgettable experience. In that setting as well as on this CD, the music and instrumentation seem simpler, less layered, and even more meditative than Delarue’s previous releases. He told me that this music is intended for listening while reading the book, to allow the reader to go deeper. In that sense, it is soothing, uplifting, gentle background music for any number of quiet activities. I didn’t have much luck waking up to it, as I kept drifting off into pleasant dreams, but that is actually a compliment!

There are seven individual tracks listed on the CD, but the pieces all flow from one to another without much of a separation, making this CD more of a one-hour meditation. The instrumentation is (electronic) piano-based with ethereal voices, strings, guitar, flute, and other ambient sounds creating the feeling of floating peacefully on a gentle wave of music. This type of music often becomes ear-candy with no real substance, but not when it’s Frederic Delarue doing the creating. The music has a profound reassurance and overwhelming sense of peaceful well-being - health food for the soul!

Create A New Life Through the Eyes Of the Heart
can be purchased by itself or with the book from www.fredericdelarue.com or from Amazon. Highly recommended!
August 13, 2009