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Album Review: Somewhere In My Heart
George Davidson
Cover image of the album Somewhere In My Heart by George Davidson
Somewhere In My Heart
George Davidson
1995 / George Davidson Productions
46 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
George Davidson is one of the best interpreters of pop tunes around. His solo piano playing is elegant and full without a lot of superfluous “ornamentation”. Somewhere In My Heart is one of Davidson’s earlier recordings, and while it is a pleasure to listen to, there has been a lot of artistic growth between this album and his latest release, “Allure”. (Davidson was twenty-two when he recorded this album.) The ten selections include a 10 1/2 minute medley from “Phantom of the Opera”, which should delight Andrew Lloyd Webber fans, a lovely arrangement of “Canon in D”, and two original pieces, “Somewhere In My Heart” and “When Tomorrow Comes”. George’s original work is wonderful, and I’m hoping he will continue to record more of it. He also has haunting arrangements of “If You Go Away” and “Windmills of Your Mind”. My only beef with this CD is the simplified version of “Liebestraum” by Liszt. I know this piece has been used in a lot of soundtracks and that there are many pop versions out there, but, as a piano teacher, I hate to see reputable pianists reduce the classics when they seem capable of playing the real thing. I know that the average listener wouldn’t know the difference, but, since I do play the original, it bothers me a little. I know, it’s a teacher thing! Don’t let that little item stop you from enjoying this very beautiful collection! It is available from www.georgedavidson.com and amazon.com.
January 1, 1995
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