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Album Review: With Love
George Davidson
Cover image of the album With Love by George Davidson
With Love
George Davidson
2004 / George Davidson Productions
52 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
With Love by George Davidson is an eclectic collection of piano arrangements that are accompanied on violin by Ljova Zhurbin. On this recording, the violin is mostly in the background, adding washes of color to the piano. Drawing from opera, film music, pop classics, and a few songs I hadn’t heard before, Davidson’s elegant, emotional playing style ties these diverse sources together and reminds us that beautiful music is timeless. The collection also includes one original piece, “Hold Me, Kiss Me,” a real beauty. This version is instrumental, but the lyrics are included in the liner notes. I really enjoy Davidson’s cover music, but would love to hear a whole CD of his original music, which I think is exceptional. A few of the more familiar titles are “O Sole Mio,” “The Lady In Red,” “If,” All By Myself,” and “Chariots of Fire,” all beautifully arranged and performed. My favorites tend to be the less familiar pieces - especially “The Power of Love,” a gorgeous, deeply-felt ballad that is given a fairly simple, straightforward treatment that brings out the poignance of the melody. I also really like “Adagio” by Albinoni, an Italian classical piece that spills over with emotion. The two pieces by Paul de Senneville, “Il y avait des etoiles et des etioles- There Are Stars and Stars” and “La Vrai Musique de l’Amour” are also standouts.

George Davidson is one of my favorite pianist/arranger/song stylists. He very successfully takes a wide variety of musical styles and eras, and makes them uniquely his own with grace, flair, and heart. Sure to satisfy if you like a variety of musical genres dressed up and polished in a classical yet contemporary style. With Love is available from www.georgedavidson.com. Good stuff!
August 16, 2004
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