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Album Review: The Copper Hat
Greg Maroney
Cover image of the album The Copper Hat by Greg Maroney
The Copper Hat
Greg Maroney
2001 / Emerald Mountain Music
Review by Kathy Parsons
The Copper Hat is Greg Maroney’s second album of original piano solos. Greg is a very passionate and eloquent composer/pianist who refers to his pieces as “soundscapes” - “a musical rendering of the way different places, events, and people affected me.” The pieces are varied in style, from the quiet ballads, “When You Come Home” and “Passages,” to the swirling, sparkling “November’s Cascade” and the dramatic “Esmeralda & the 17 Goats.” Maroney has a very powerful playing style that is exceptionally effective in expressing a wide range of emotions. His extensive classical training is obvious but tempered with his jazz background, and his musical palette is very colorful. “Esmeralda” is a real stand-out, but I also really like the pensive “Person in the Mirror”, which is played mostly in the upper registers of the piano - melancholy and questioning, this is a beauty. “The Merced” is also gorgeous. I assume the title refers to the Merced River in California. The piece flows and meanders, much as a river does, giving it a dreamy quality but also a sense of purpose. Maroney’s music is substantial but accessible, and I highly recommend it. The Copper Hat is currently available at gregmaroney.com.
March 3, 2001