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Album Review: Into The Unknown
Harrison Edwards
Cover image of the album Into The Unknown by Harrison Edwards
Into The Unknown
Harrison Edwards
2019 / Arturim Recprds
49 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Into the Unknown is the fifth album by Harrison Edwards. His previous release, The Undiscovered Horizon (2014), reached #4 on the New Age radio airplay charts and remained in the Top 100 for six consecutive months. The music for Into the Unknown was composed using keyboards, digital pianos, sound modules and various “soft-synths” (synthesizers that are entirely software-based), producing a sound that is full, lush and colorful. The album explores the concept that our spirits have always existed and always will. Each of the twelve tracks tells a story about a different phase in a spirit’s journey beginning with its birth at the dawn of time, the human journey of discovery, and the ultimate return to the spirit world. Sometimes quiet and soothing and sometimes vibrant and powerful, Edwards has created an epic yet poetic soundtrack for that journey.

Into the Unknown opens with “First Light,” a musical telling of the birth of the universe and the energy that fuels our souls. Gentle yet propulsive rhythms, strings, flutes, voices and various digital instrumentation describe this momentous event with warmth and optimism. In “The Awakening,” our spirits awaken to begin their journey through time. Expressed with a more adventurous tone than the first track, I also feel a freshness and a sense of innocence. 
“The Dawn Land” is where we take our first breaths on Mother Earth as the spirit awakens with magical feelings of wonder and awe. Piano and guitar carry most of this piece with light percussion and orchestral accompaniment. The title track is about diving into the unknown to uncover the mysteries that lie ahead. This much “bigger” and more symphonic work includes elements of prog rock and overflows with drama and powerful emotions. “Discovery” is a favorite with its light, carefree spirit and sunny attitude performed with symphonic strings and percussion plus piano and guitar. “Revelation” picks up the tempo in a dance for joy as an understanding of our reason for being becomes clearer. An infectious energy runs through this piece, which is also a favorite. “Into the Light” is slower and more ethereal, describing the spirit’s journey back into the light at the end of its physical life on Earth. Choir voices, percussion, piano and atmospheric sounds start the piece, adding other instrumentation along the way. “Reawakening” returns to a more symphonic and joyful sound as the spirit’s afterlife begins. Edwards describes “The Great Mystery” as: “Our spiritual journey continues as we travel through eternity in search of the Great Mystery.” Very bold and cinematic, a full orchestra, choir voices, guitar and chimes paint a majestic yet serene picture of what the afterlife would feel like.

Harrison Edwards tells an amazing story with his music in Into the Unknown, and I have no doubt that this album will do as well or better than his previous releases. If nothing else, it does much to soothe and give a feeling of hope, and we could certainly use more of both! The album is available from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes, CD Baby and the various streaming sites.
October 19, 2019
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