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Album Review: The Undiscovered Horizon
Harrison Edwards
Cover image of the album The Undiscovered Horizon by Harrison Edwards
The Undiscovered Horizon
Harrison Edwards
2013 / Arturim Records
46 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
The Undiscovered Horizon is the fourth release from Harrison Edwards. An eclectic assortment of musical styles and instruments, the twelve original tracks take the listener on an aural tour of places and cultures from around the world. Using keyboards, digital pianos, sound modules, and “soft-synths,” Edwards has a full range of instruments and effects at his fingertips, painting colorful images with sound and telling stories without words. His music is often powerful and dynamic like a film soundtrack, ranging from stately and symphonic to Techno-Dance with elements of solo piano, light jazz, and classical genres added to the mix .

The Undiscovered Horizon begins with “Kilimanjaro,” an East-meets-West fusion of traditional Asian musical instruments and motifs with high-powered electronic wizardry. Sometimes majestic and sometimes lighter and more playful, it’s a very impressive opening! I assume that “Usambara” refers to the mountain range in Tanzania, and the symphonic sweep of this piece is a fitting homage to scenes of breath-taking beauty and grandeur. The title track features piano, acoustic guitar, strings, voices, and other orchestral instruments, starting out simply and building as the piece evolves. “Arctic Passage” is much lighter and more fanciful, dancing on the keyboard as the chilling winds blow in the background. “Eye of the Storm” cranks up the energy to a frenetic level - dark and ominous but also very exciting! “Peaceful Earth” alternates from ambient to more rhythmic, staying gentle and serene throughout. “A Walk Among the Trees” is composed in a very stately classical style that is also very visual. A full string section gives this piece a graceful lilt. “Flight of Fancy” is the Techno/Dance piece, a fun and agitated gem that lasts a little more than a minute and feels like when I’ve had a cup of very strong coffee. Wheeee! “A Prelude & Spanish Dance” is quite different from the other tracks. The prelude incorporates trumpets, drums, strings and percussion in a classical style, and the livelier Spanish dance is mostly guitars and hand percussion. The vibrant closing track, “The Setting Sun,” is more ambient than melodic with an infectious rhythm and a light-hearted spirit.

The Undiscovered Horizon is a fascinating listening experience that is sure to put Harrison Edwards back on the charts. It is available from Harrison-music.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Recommended!
February 19, 2014
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