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Album Review: World Peace
Igor Lisul
Cover image of the album World Peace by Igor Lisul
World Peace
Igor Lisul
2023 / Igor Lisul
32 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
World Peace is the eighth album (plus several EPs and singles) from Serbian composer/guitar virtuoso Igor Lisul. The album features ten original tracks for solo electric guitar with a few that include guest artists. A left-handed guitarist who plays with the string order reversed, Igor has been playing the guitar since he was ten. There is a very strong rock influence in Igor's music as well as an emphasis on the melodies. Quoting the artist: "World Peace is a prayer for global peace on Earth. Let there be much more love, peace, smiles, emotions rather than wars and hatred." Amen to that!

World Peace begins with "Always In My Heart," which features the electric guitar in the lead along with Bob Westlake on rhythm guitars. Percussion and ambient keyboard washes can also be heard. It's a beautiful instrumental love song that gets the album off to a great start. The title track opens with a short keyboard and strings prelude before the electric guitar steps into the spotlight. Mike Fox appears on this track playing rhythm guitar. Fox also lends his talents to "In This Romantic Night," which includes drums and percussion for a soulful piece suitable for a romantic slow dance or simply to get into a hypnotic groove. "Japanese Heart" is a sweet love song that features electric guitar and atmospheric keyboard background tones. "Inspired By the Sun" begins with a Native American flute solo by Allen Bruce Ray that sets a gentle mood. Quiet bird sounds can be heard in the background throughout the piece, which becomes a guitar solo with soothing string washes. The ensemble builds from there, adding keyboards and percussion with the flute returning near the end - very soulful and my favorite piece on the album! The last four tracks are soothing guitar solos. "Moments" is quietly reflective and thoughtful. "The Bay of Dolphins" seems to gently float on the air. The sound of waves lapping at the shoreline gives "Day At the Beach" additional ambiance and is very relaxed and soothing! "Daybreak" is quietly optimistic about the possibilities of a new day and brings the album to a peaceful close.

World Peace is quite possibly Igor Lisul's best album to date (I haven't heard all of them!). It is available from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and streaming sites including Spotify. Check it out!
November 24, 2023
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