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Album Review: One World
Jesse Cook
Cover image of the album One World by Jesse Cook
One World
Jesse Cook
2015 / EOne Music
44 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
It has been three years since Jesse Cook released The Blue Guitar Sessions clearly his most reflective and subdued recording to date. Despite the risks involved with such a change in pace both literally and figuratively, though some patience was required it was nevertheless an impressive recording with an artist that was clearly wishing to branch out. So what kind of mood is Cook in this time around? Well One World has us literally standing on the edge of both worlds with elements of his reflective creativity colliding with the toe tapping upbeat Cook that we have come to know and love.

One World opens with the optimistic “Shake” and is followed up by the equally upbeat “Taxi Brazil”. Otherwise the remainder of the album shows that Cook has not shaken his reflective disposition with the balance of the album displaying mellow or mid tempo compositions. The latter can be found on Cook’s collaboration on “Tommy and Me” with guitarist Tommy Emmanuel. Cook also stretches himself on the strangely titled song “Steampunk Rickshaw” that has him experimenting with drum loops and odd instrumentation. Similar results can be found on “Bombay Slam”. As for the mellow moments well they are quite magical such as the exquisite “Once” as well as the sublime “To Your Shore” which alone is worth the price of admission. Cook concludes the album with the equally reflective “Breath”.

So if you enjoyed The Blue Guitar Sessions then there is doubt that One World will appeal to your musical universe. However those of you that are anticipating compositions such as "Mario Takes A Walk" or “Bogata By Bus” will no doubt be disappointed as One World is clearly an artist in a very different space seeking to express himself in a whole different light.
August 30, 2015
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