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Album Review: A Better Place (Marco's Song) (single)
Joe Bongiorno
Cover image of the album A Better Place (Marco's Song) (single) by Joe Bongiorno
A Better Place (Marco's Song) (single)
Joe Bongiorno
2018 / Piano Haven
4 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
“A Better Place (Marco’s Song)” is a wonderful solo piano single release from Joe Bongiorno. Joe’s own words say it best: “a two fold wish for my son Marco as he enters this world…. that he makes this world a better place for others, and that this world becomes a better place for him.” Slow and deeply emotional, the song expresses the profound hope and love of a father who has seen enough of the ups and downs of life to know that it will not always be an easy journey for his perfect newborn son. Anyone who is familiar with Joe Bongiorno and his recordings knows that he puts heart and soul into his music, and this one overflows with that purity of emotion. I really think this is one of Joe’s best pieces to date. Sheet music for the “A Better Place” is also available. Both can be downloaded from www.joebongiorno.com, and the recording is available on Amazon and iTunes. Very highly recommended!
July 9, 2018
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