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Album Review: Filmworks
Jorge Granda
Cover image of the album Filmworks by Jorge Granda
Jorge Granda
2013 / Rosevil
43 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Filmworks is the fourth album released by Spanish composer Jorge Granda. Granda specializes in music for film and visual media and his training includes lessons in various musical disciplines and studies in the fields of sound production and computer music. With twelve years of training in classical music, Granda has also studied and performed jazz, rock and pop music primarily as a guitarist. He currently resides in the city of Valencia where he continues his career as a film composer, album producer, sound engineer and guitarist. Always looking for new projects, challenges and ideas, Granda has composed and recorded music for more than two dozen independent short films and he has earned two consecutive nominations for Best New Age Instrumental Work by the prestigious Hollywood Music In Media Awards in Los Angeles (considered the Oscars of film music) as well as several awards at international festivals and competitions.

Something that many people may not be aware of is that film music is supposed to enhance the visuals and emotional elements of what people see on the movie screen, but it is not supposed to draw attention away from the film or to distract in any way. Obviously, there can be deviation from this in the opening and closing credits, but not within the film itself. With that in mind, it is quite a challenge to create music that is powerful but not distracting. On the other hand, listening to music created to be background music with full attention can be a little “underwhelming,” as it should be by definition. Granda’s music for Filmworks is minimalist and mostly acoustic (guitar, piano and xylophone) accompanied by synths and electric bass, most of which are performed by Granda himself; other musicians appear on drums, percussion, and piano.

Listening to the music with full attention can be a bit too repetitious for my ears, but when I listen to the music while doing other things, not focusing as much attention on it, I love it! There is a lively world music spirit in several of the pieces while other themes are more universal. Not surprisingly, some pieces have a Spanish flavor. Track 2, “Paradise,” is the piece nominated for this year’s Hollywood Music in Media Awards, and it’s a peaceful, rather somber guitar piece backed by drums, percussion and piano. The production quality of the music is outstanding. I would recommend this music for dining, driving, working, or any activity where some beautiful but unobtrusive music could enhance the occasion. Filmworks is available from Amazon and iTunes. Check it out!
October 3, 2014
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