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Album Review: Entre Ayer Y Hoy
Jose Bonet
Cover image of the album Entre Ayer Y Hoy by Jose Bonet
Entre Ayer Y Hoy
Jose Bonet
2001 / Jose Bonet
39 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Entre Ayer Y Hoy (Between Yesterday and Today) is Spanish pianist/composer Jose Bonet’s debut CD, released in 2001. The CD consists of thirteen original piano solos that range from bright and spritely to dark and introspective. Bonet’s music has very strong classical roots, yet his approach is contemporary and easily accessible for listeners who might not have a background in classical music. Bonet studied music notation and piano at the Conservatory in Valencia (Spain) and has composed music for television and infomercials. His approach to his music is nicely summarized in the following quote: "I must do a kind of music that is simple, and as beautiful as possible, following the maxim, `Most beauty in a minimum of notes’." Inspired by a feeling, a memory, or a story, Bonet says that he relates to the music as if the notes were words to tell a story. "It is a mirror of my soul, of my eyes, of a fragment of my life."

Entre Ayer Y Hoy begins with “Atrezzo barbaro,” a lively, energetic piece that starts the set with a smile. “Consecuencia” is a bit darker and more serious. The left hand keeps it in motion with rolling broken chords while the right hand plays a simple, mysterious minor key melody. “Barna” is about as joyful and carefree as it can be as it dances all over the piano with a light staccato touch - sunshine set to music! “Notas de Otono” is much more melancholy, but I really like it! I also really like “Que te iba a decir,” an animated, high-spirited piece the overflows with happiness and joy. “Pensando en ellas” is a sweet daydream set to music. Interesting rhythmic changes flow like one thought to the another while in a relaxed state - a fascinating study! “Impresionismo” stays very fluid and seems to follow its own muse. There are no hard edges or defining guidelines, much like an Impressionist painting. The title track closes the set with a reflective and gracefully flowing piece that is just a little sad.

The music on Entre Ayer Y Hoy expresses a wide range of moods and experiences, making it fascinating both musically and emotionally. Jose Bonet is currently composing the music for his third release, and I can’t wait to hear it! Entre Ayer Y Hoy is available from www.josebonet.com, Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes. Recommended!
December 31, 2009
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