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Album Review: Metropolis
Jose Bonet
Cover image of the album Metropolis by Jose Bonet
Jose Bonet
2010 / Jose Bonet
41 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Metropolis is Spanish composer/pianist Jose Bonet’s third solo piano album and contains thirteen original pieces inspired by a variety of memories and emotions from the composer’s life. The music is classically styled and structured, but is distinctively contemporary and accessible. Some of the pieces are light and playful while others are darker and heavier - such is life! In the liner notes, Bonet writes: “When joy or sorrow pervades me, they seem to walk along my body leaving behind a halo of melodies.” He goes on to say that whenever he hears his own music, he is immediately transported back to the experience or emotion, unable to hear just the notes of the music, which makes each piece an intensely personal gift to the world.

Metropolis begins with “Bonanova,” a happy piece with a dancing right hand melody and a rolling broken chord pattern on the left. “Cancion de amor” (“Song of Love”), is passionate yet tender, and very beautiful. “Contento” is one of my favorites. Warm, lively, and uplifting in spirit, it’s amazing how much can be expressed with so few notes. “Desconcierto” (“Bewilderment”) is another favorite. Parts of the piece seem to go in circles in confusion, while others move forward. This piece includes some jazz elements as well as classical, almost Mozartian waltz figures. “Princesa” is the dark and dramatic story of a Spanish princess. The rhythm is fascinating in that it slips a beat every once in awhile, giving the piece a bit of an edge. I’d love to know the real story behind the piece, but my imagination also likes to run with it and fill in its own blanks. “Face” hints at Erik Satie, with its minimalist approach and unexpected discordances. Very beautiful and graceful, but not predictable - fun! “Navegar” is bright and carefree - almost buoyant. “Cuento de Navidad” (“Christmas Store”) is dark and a little scary. Somebody wasn’t enjoying the shopping trip! “Un dia” (“One Day”) takes off at a gallop, expressing unbridled joy and exhilaration - another very amusing piece, and I’ll be it’s fun to play, as well. “Mirall” (“Mirror”) is another favorite. Very dark and mysterious, a couple of passages take on a Baroque style, return to the main theme, and then it ends in the Baroque style. Great stuff!

Metropolis will most likely not appeal to those looking for ear-candy, but those who are willing to really listen for Jose Bonet’s stories and emotional expressions are in for a treat! It is available from www.josebonet.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Recommended!
November 26, 2010
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