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Album Review: Zen Breakfast
Cover image of the album Zen Breakfast by Karunesh
Zen Breakfast
2001 / Real Music
56 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Zen Breakfast is truly classic “New Age” music, with floating melodies, shimmering flutes, clear bells, gentle guitar and piano. Many of the tracks remind me a bit of early Kitaro, but this is definitely not an imitation of that artist or any other. While there are many Eastern influences, there are also many from the West, joining to make a soothing, mystical blend. The music is quiet and consistent enough in mood and tempo to make a very pleasant backdrop for other activities. It will also hold up well for meditation or meditative listening. Just don’t try to wake up to it - I can tell you from personal experience that this will put you right back into dreamland! The album is extremely well done and is beautiful to listen to. I have seen comparisons to Ray Lynch’s groundbreaking “Deep Breakfast”, but even though Lynch incorporates Eastern touches into his music, the only thing I find that the two albums have in common is a word in the title. Zen Breakfast doesn’t have anything as catchy as “Celestial Soda Pop” or “Rhythm in the Pews”, and while it is an excellent album, Lynch brought us something brand new with his recording, and this CD continues the tradition without breaking any new ground - something I doubt Karunesh was intending to do anyway. This CD was apparently conceived over a breakfast meeting with Karunesh and Real Music President Terence Yallop, hence the title. The cover art is especially nice on this CD.
May 5, 2001
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