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Album Review: Tides
Kendra Logozar
Cover image of the album Tides by Kendra Logozar
Kendra Logozar
2022 / Kendra Logozar
33 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Tides is the anxiously-awaited new collection of original piano solos composed and performed by Kendra Logozar. The fourteen pieces on Tides celebrate and commemorate "life's little moments" and are performed on a felted piano. Most of the tracks are between two and three minutes long, and are perfect in their brevity. Briefly, a felted piano is one that has a piece of felt or another soft cloth placed between the strings and hammers of the piano (in this case, an upright) to soften the percussive impact of the hammers hitting the strings. It is a technique particularly well-suited to delicate music with a soothing, dreamy feel - just like the music on this album!

Kendra released her first two albums, Hope (2009) and Faith (2012) under her maiden name, Kendra Springer, and Peace (2014), Equilibrium (2020), a Christmas album and three albums of hymn arrangements as Kendra Logozar. Her husband, Michael Logozar, has produced her more recent albums and is an outstanding pianist/composer as well!

Tides begins with "Every Waking Moment," a gentle piece that "celebrates savoring each moment and practicing mindful gratitude throughout the day." Very peaceful and serene, it's a beautiful start! "Hint of Dawn" is a new recording of a piece from Kendra's first album. "It reminds me that in the darkest moments, we can find that hint of hope." Pensive and introspective, it's great to hear this one again! "'Wander' muses on that piece in our hearts that longs for adventure and wonders what is just around the corner." A peaceful daydream set to music, it's easy to hear those feelings of longing and curiosity - a favorite. "Irreplaceable" has a charming story: "'Irreplaceable' was written as a gentle reminder to my sweet daughter Aria that she is irreplaceable. When we told her we were expecting a baby she seemed quite concerned that her place in the family was being taken, but with a lot of reassurance that she is completely irreplaceable she got excited about her new little sister and she is now the sweetest, doting big sister." Overflowing with both the innocence of a young child and a mother's love, only the hardest of hearts would be unmoved by this beautiful piece. "Illusion" expresses the freedom of improvisation while exploring thoughts and emotions at the piano. Dreamy and very open, much of the depth and meaning of the piece is in the spaces between the notes - also a favorite. Also very free and open, "Phantom" is more mysterious - perhaps a piece composed late at night when the house was quiet. Sometimes a little "Solitude" is the best gift you can give someone, and the piece with that title seems very relaxed and at peace. Some of my favorite classical music is titled "Nocturne," which means "night song." Often on the melancholy, reflective side it's a perfect fit for Kendra's "Nocturne in G Minor," my favorite piece on the album. Hushed, introspective and intimate, it's one of her best pieces yet! If you still have any stress left, "Dream" will take care of that for you - a beautiful ending to a great album.

Tides is available from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and streaming sites such as Spotify. Very highly recommended!
May 20, 2022
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