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Album Review: Ticket To Antarctica
Cover image of the album Ticket To Antarctica by KevOz
Ticket To Antarctica
2009 / Kevin R. Osborn
42 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Ticket To Antarctica is an exciting album of electronic music inspired by a cruise KevOz and his wife took to Antarctica in January 2008. Something of a soundtrack for the trip, the music ranges from quiet and meditative to very bold, upbeat, and fun. Some of the atmospheric sounds that accompany the music suggest icy cold, but the music is consistently upbeat and overflowing with the joy of discovery. KevOz has been creating electronic music for quite a number of years, but I believe this is the first time I’ve heard any of his albums from start to finish - and it certainly won’t be the last! This is music that is personal yet accessible, complex enough to stay interesting with many listens, and very positive in spirit.

Appropriately, the album begins with the title track. The sound of a cold wind starts our musical journey. The first minute or so of music is mysterious and quietly majestic. Then a rhythm track is added that quickens the pulse and suggests a building excitement as the travelers approach their destination. “Crossing The Drake Passage” has a strong sense of adventure and drama, moving forward with a pulsing beat. “Deception Island” is much more ambient and eerie. When the rhythm kicks in, the mood becomes much lighter. I really like this one! “Blue Ice” is gorgeous, suggesting the majesty and awesome beauty of the surrounding landscape - also a favorite. “Penguin Dance” is pure musical fun. Carefree and energetic yet not quite graceful, it is easy to imagine these large birds moving and grooving to the music. The marimba and other tropical sounds near the end are a bit of a surprise, but add to the party atmosphere. “Antarctic Lullaby” has a simple, beautiful melody on a bell or crystal-like sound with a strong rhythm and strings in the background - a fascinating combination. As the piece evolves, the soothing melody goes into the background as the strings and percussion come to the front, adding energy and excitement. “Iceberg Maker” is darker, more mysterious, and a little bit ominous. Chilly winds and crashing sounds contrast with sparkles and a gentle rhythm - another favorite! “Return Voyage” brings us back home with high spirits and many thrilling memories.

Ticket To Antarctica is a joy to listen to on many levels. It can provide a bright, uplifting musical background, but don’t leave it in the background too much because you’ll miss a lot of the beauty and fun! It is available from kevoz.com, Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes. Recommended!
February 9, 2010
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