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Album Review: Dream: A Liquid Mind Experience
Liquid Mind
Cover image of the album Dream: A Liquid Mind Experience by Liquid Mind
Dream: A Liquid Mind Experience
Liquid Mind
2011 / Real Music
60 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
Liquid Music is the mastermind of keyboard player Chuck Wild who in the early to mid 80’s was very involved in the mainstream musical scene, specifically the band Missing Persons, probably best known for their Top 40 hit “Word”. By the early nineties Wild found himself seeking solace and found it by creating his own solo material under the name Liquid Mind with the goal of allowing his sedative music to find escape from his own frantic pace and lifestyle extending this relief to his listeners. Dream: A Liquid Experience continues to hold true to that theme which also includes previously released material from his past recordings.

The album includes three very long tracks simply entitled “Dream Ten”, “Dream Twenty”, and “Dream Thirty” whose titles essentially represent the length of the recordings. The first recording is previously unreleased material that continues to focus on the airy and flighty keyboards of Chuck Wild with his non-obtrusive understated melodies that allow the listener to focus on relaxing and placing their heartbeat and pulse to a slower beat. The two additional tracks according to the liner notes are newly edited former released material intentionally chosen by Wild as his most relaxing compositions from the Liquid Mind series. “Dream Twenty” pulls from Liquid Mind IX: Lullaby and Relax: A Liquid Mind Experience. Meanwhile “Dream Thirty” seamlessly draws from Liquid Mind VII: Reflection, Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep and once again Liquid Mind IX: Lullaby.

For fans of Liquid Music, one new track may not be enough to entice you to buy this record. For the uninitiated this is a great place to start. But please pay close attention to Wild’s warning on his cd’s that his music “may cause drowsiness. Use care when operating vehicles or dangerous machinery. Slow Music may cause a heightened state of suggestibility.” Take heed, as Liquid Mind can quickly take you to Neverland at the blink of an eye, pun and plan fully intended.
April 10, 2011
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