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Album Review: Liquid Mind X: Meditation
Liquid Mind
Cover image of the album Liquid Mind X: Meditation by Liquid Mind
Liquid Mind X: Meditation
Liquid Mind
2012 / Real Music
60 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
It is no hidden secret that Liquid Music is the mastermind of keyboard player Chuck Wild who was part of the mid 80’s band Missing Persons. Though by the early nineties Wild found he was seeking solace and began creating calming solo material under the name Liquid Mind. With ten studio recordings to his name, the latest is subtitled Meditation with Wild retaining the wide open spaces courtesy of his soft flighty keyboards to create another project that will help you get away from it all.

Unlike his prior album Dreams, Meditation is all new material though if you have heard one album you have essentially heard them all which is probably very intentional of Wild who continues to focus on his much understated melodies. With six total tracks running seven to fourteen minutes long, while there are brief breaks between the songs, they could have run seamlessly into one another. The tone, pattern and pace remain consistent throughout, allowing you as the listener to escape into your own private retreat.

If you missed the retrospective prior release Dreams then borrowing from the liner notes of Wild, it is time for your tranquility medication via Meditation. Fans of Liquid Music will not be disappointed but as always the music of Liquid Mind may cause intentional drowsiness. Don’t say that you have not been warned.
August 12, 2012
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