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Album Review: Liquid Mind: Musical Healthcare
Liquid Mind
Cover image of the album Liquid Mind: Musical Healthcare by Liquid Mind
Liquid Mind: Musical Healthcare
Liquid Mind
2021 / myndstream
70 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
For many years now, the name Liquid Mind has been synonymous with beautifully relaxing, healing music. At a time when the world needs it most, Chuck Wild has released Liquid Mind: Musical Healthcare, a compilation of some of the most calming music from the seventeen Liquid Mind albums (including this one). Ideal for help in falling asleep, meditation, stress and anxiety management, massage and many other therapeutic regimens, this is music designed for a purpose, but it is also very soothing to listen to for its own sake. While Chuck Wild makes no scientific claims whatsoever about his music, he started composing Liquid Mind music to heal his own panic and anxiety disorder. Over the past 30+ years, his music has been utilized in a wide variety of healthcare and therapeutic settings as well as for personal use by many people.

A 40-year veteran of the music industry, Chuck Wild has had a vast amount of experience working with other artists as well as writing music and cues for more than 150 television shows and films. There are many fine composer/musicians who release soothing, ambient music, but I don't think anyone does it better than Chuck Wild/Liquid Mind. The eight tracks on Liquid Mind: Musical Healthcare include seven tracks from six previous releases plus a brand new 12-minute track composed and recorded for this album. The hour and 10 minute playing time gives the listener plenty of time to get blissfully lost in the music, floating into an aural world of peaceful warmth where everything feels safe and uplifting to the spirit.

The track list for Liquid Mind: Musical Healthcare is:

"Surrender to Love" from Liquid Mind XII: Peace
"The Joy of Quiet" from Liquid Mind X: Meditation
"Teach Me To Love from Liquid Mind XI: Deep Sleep
"Letting Go" from Liquid Mind IX: Lullaby
"Breathe In Me" from Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep
"In the Stillness" from Liquid Mind VII: Reflection
"Oneness" from Liquid Mind XII: Peace
"Healing Hands" new for this album!

If you are new to Liquid Mind's music and are looking for a musical oasis to escape to when the world gets too crazy, you are in for a real treat! Longtime listeners and fans will love having this compilation album - and the new track, "Healing Hands," will not disappoint! Liquid Mind: Musical Healthcare is available as a CD or a digital download and can be streamed from the usual sites. I can personally endorse this album as a very effective antidote to a wild and crazy morning. I think I'll go take a nap!
July 30, 2021
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