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Album Review: All Around Me
Loren Gold
Cover image of the album All Around Me by Loren Gold
All Around Me
Loren Gold
2001 / Anagram Records
46 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Loren Gold’s All Around Me is one of the best albums of the year. Some of the thirteen tracks are solo piano, and others are piano with flute, synth, sax, and/or percussion (or a combination). For Gold’s longtime fans, All Around Me is comprised of the music from his earlier album, “Reflections of Gold”, with most of the songs retitled and remixed with Nicholas Gunn’s arrangements and accompaniments to Gold’s piano. “Reflections of Gold” has been one of my favorite albums since its release in 1998, so I was skeptical that it could be improved on. I was wrong! Gunn’s touches really brighten up the pieces and flesh them out, so if you have Reflections, you’ll love All Around Me, too..

My favorite track is still “Falling”, which is solo piano this time out. A little melancholy with a catchy rhythm, there is something irresistible about this song. The addition of bass and percussion to “The Magic Mirror” augments the mystery of the piece and adds some sparks. “Searching” is darkly passionate with a lost quality befitting the title. Gunn’s flute intensifies those lonely feelings, making them haunting - a gorgeous piece! “Cascade”, which I play as a piano solo, takes on a whole new life with flute and rhythm. This is a bright, more upbeat song that absolutely sparkles. “Jake’s Dream” is “Short Line” without the train whistle that scared me to death in the car! Sweet and loving as a piano solo, it is a gentle piece that seems to smile. “Snow”, another favorite, is given two treatments. The first is orchestrated with synth strings, flute, and percussion. The second is solo piano. Both are wonderful!

Loren Gold is an artist who needs to be heard. His music is accessible, and holds up exceptionally well to repeated listenings. All Around Me is very highly recommended! It is available from many online retailers.
August 7, 2001
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