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Album Review: Reflections of Gold
Loren Gold
Cover image of the album Reflections of Gold by Loren Gold
Reflections of Gold
Loren Gold
1998 / Logo Records
50 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
The longer I write for this magazine, the more amazed I become at how many really great pianist/composers there are out there.With a solo instrument, it can be difficult to develop an identifiable style that sets an artist apart from the rest. Loren Gold could be well on his way to doing just that. Reflections of Gold is a delight from start to finish. The piano dominates most of the cuts, but synth, sax, and flute add color and variation. One often reads the criticism that more contemporary pianists need to discover minor chords. They’re here! Gentle and thoughtful throughout, this CD is no snooze. It seems to get better and deeper with each listening, although I liked it the first time, too. This is not background music - it begs to be savored!

My favorite cut is “Falling”, which features Richard Hardy on soprano sax. It is an elegant duet with a wistful, somewhat melancholy feel and some fancy fingerwork from Gold. “Daybreak” shimmers with a delicate melody and washes of synth strings. “Searching” is a slow, sparce piano piece that hints of George Winston’s influence - it is more abstract than most of the other pieces, but is wonderful in its dark introspection. Gold isn’t afraid to let those bass strings vibrate! “The Magic Mirror” is a dark, rhythmic ensemble piece (although according to the liner notes, it’s all Gold on synth and piano) with a haunting melody. “Snow” and “Red Sky” are also bittersweet and very memorable. One cut, “Short Line”, just about sent me through the sunroof of my car, since I live near railroad tracks. A railroad crossing bell clangs and a train whistle blows several times throughout that song, and I found it a little unnerving! Other than that, this is one of my favorite albums of ‘98!
Reflections of Gold is available at selected CA record stores, and from cdbaby.com.
August 8, 1998
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