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Album Review: A Moment Between Eternities
Louis Colaiannia
Cover image of the album A Moment Between Eternities by Louis Colaiannia
A Moment Between Eternities
Louis Colaiannia
2011 / Louis Colaiannia
41 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
A Moment Between Eternities is the sixth release from pianist/composer Louis Colaiannia (coal-ee-AH-nah). This ensemble album features Colaiannia on piano and synthesizer with Jenna Ehrle on vocals, backed by bass, cello, drums, flute, guitar, sax, and clarinet (real musicians, not synth). The music contains elements of new age, jazz, pop, and classical stylings, and the keyboards play a more prominent role than the acoustic piano in all but a few of the nine pieces. A number of instrumentalists effectively use female voices as additional instruments, but several of the pieces on this album have lyrics that are almost impossible to hear - intentional, perhaps? The purely instrumental tracks are gently soothing and tranquil and fit quite well into the “new age” category. More melodic than ambient with occasional nature sound effects, the album is pleasant and relaxing.

A Moment Between Eternities begins with the title track. A vocal piece backed by the full ensemble, it could be part of a movie soundtrack. “Tears For Dad” is darker and more dramatic - piano, voice, sax, and percussion combine to create a eulogy for a loved one. By comparison, “Desert Winds” is lively and buoyant - one of my favorite tracks. “Way of the Rain” is primarily vocal, piano, and flute and reminds me of the feelings I get after a long stretch of non-stop rain here in Oregon - kind of blue and weary. “Northern Lights” has a graceful beauty expressed with piano and orchestration. “Sea of Stars” hints of an influence by 2002. “Spring Dawn” is my favorite track. Piano backed by the ensemble, it begins quietly with the piano suggesting a gentle spring rain. Flute enters, and then the strings. The piece continues to build as it evolves, becoming a song of triumph and renewal. “Sentimental Winters Night” has a chilly sparkle and effortless flow. “Journey Inward” closes the album with an eleven-minute piece that uses sounds of water and wind along with the keyboard instrumentation. Very slow and uncomplicated, it would be a lovely piece for meditation, massage, or just relaxing.

A Moment Between Eternities can be purchased at many online music retailers including www.louismusic.com, Amazon, and iTunes. Check it out!
March 21, 2011
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