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Album Review: Feel Good Piano
Louis Landon
Cover image of the album Feel Good Piano by Louis Landon
Feel Good Piano
Louis Landon
2020 / Landon Creative
53 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Feel Good Piano is Louis Landon’s 31st album and was inspired by the desire to help people feel good during these challenging times (and beyond). Warm and upbeat, the thirteen original piano solos are a celebration of the good things in life, some of which are easy to overlook and take for granted. Recorded on Landon’s Steinway B grand piano at The Peace Palace in Sedona, Arizona, the pace of the album is relaxed and optimistic, reflecting the multitude of musical influences and experiences that make Landon’s style unique and distinctive.

Feel Good Piano begins with “In the Flow,” a gentle piece with a flowing left hand pattern and a bright and carefree melody on the right. “Happy Valentine” is a sweet love song without words that envelops the listener like a warm hug. With the right attitude, “So Beautiful” could refer to just about anything if we take the time to notice. This quiet, graceful piece is a wonderful reminder. “Have a Nice Waltz” is fast waltz played mostly at the upper end of the piano, giving it a playful sound and the feeling of innocence. One of my favorites, “So Easy” has an effortless swing rhythm that makes me think of Louis’ “Excellent and better all the time!” motto. A slow jazz piece that seems to flow from the heart to the fingers, I really like this one! “Holiday Celebration” has a lively, swirling motion that feels like laughter and good times with family and loved ones. “Waves” is about the peaceful ebb and flow of a calm ocean, perhaps with sparkles of light dancing on the water and a warm, balmy breeze in the air - very relaxing! The hypnotic “Waterfall” keeps a steady rhythm with a repeating pattern on the left hand while the right hand captures the dancing flow of water as it cascades down to the pool at the bottom. Another favorite, the magical “Enchanted Forest,” expresses wonder and awe at all of the beauty discovered during a quiet walk through the forest. “On Our Way” could refer to a number of different things, but I hear the excitement and anticipation of heading into a new adventure - big or small. The album closes with “May Day Celebration,” a joyous ode to spring with an infectious energy that makes me think of laughter and fun in the sun.

Feel Good Piano is another great album from “The Pianist for Peace” and is available from www.louislandon.com, Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes, and streaming sites like Spotify.
November 29, 2020
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